Stadium of fans from the point of view of the fans, looking down towards the field.

Ultimate Season-Long
Loot Box Experience!

Partner with FanBox to embrace the thrill of collaboration and elevate fan engagement with our exclusive FanBoxes, creating an unforgettable fan experience throughout the season.

Introducing FanBox

Elevate Your Fan Experience

FanBox connects fans with their favorite schools, teams, and organizations through exclusive season-long loot boxes, elevating fan engagement to new heights. Inside each FanBox, discover excitement and exclusive merchandise, carefully curated to showcase your dedication and love for the game, fostering a sense of community no matter where you are.

Partner with FanBox to witness its incredible impact on your fan base. Join esteemed institutions like BYU in creating unique FanBoxes that ignite fan excitement. With our expertise, take fan engagement to new heights and create an unforgettable experience for your supporters. Ready for this extraordinary journey? Join FanBox today and revolutionize fan experiences.

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Partnership Opportunities

FanBox offers two exciting partnership opportunities designed to enhance fan engagement and create new revenue streams.

Organization & Team Partnerships

As an organization or sports team, you can partner with FanBox to deliver an exceptional fan experience through our curated FanBoxes.

Collaborate with us to create exclusive merchandise and signed items that resonate with your fans and showcase your brand.

Amplify fan engagement, foster community, and generate additional revenue by offering limited-time, premium FanBoxes to your passionate fan base.

Player Partnerships Through NIL Deals

FanBox embraces the opportunities presented by Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) agreements, enabling players to monetize their likeness.

Through NIL deals, players can partner with FanBox to create personalized merchandise and signed items featuring their branding and signature.

Earn income while connecting directly with fans who value and support their favorite athletes, bringing an enhanced fan experience to life.

BYU FanBox

Join FanBox Success Stories

At FanBox, we take pride in our partnerships with esteemed organizations, sports teams, and players, delivering unforgettable fan experiences that leave a lasting impact.

FanBox created BYU loot boxes to bring an exclusive season-long experience to their passionate fan base.
Fans received monthly deliveries of premium merchandise, including autographed items by current players, collectibles, and apparel.
We not only deepened fan loyalty but also provided BYU Players boosted revenue through NIL deals.
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How it Works

Partner with FanBox for a seamless and rewarding experience, putting your organization, sports team, or players at the heart of fan excitement. Contact FanBox today to shape an extraordinary fan experience that will be cherished for years to come.

Partner With Us

Talk to our team to craft an extraordinary fan experience. We'll explore options and ideas to create the perfect FanBox for your fans. Let's make it unforgettable!

Obtain Licensing:

We ensure all FanBox merchandise and designs are officially licensed, meeting copyright and trademark standards. With a commitment to legality and ethics, FanBox safeguarding your brand and fans' experience.

NIL Opportunities

Players, leverage NIL agreements with FanBox to create personalized merchandise and signed items. Monetize your likeness and connect with dedicated fans who want to support and engage with you.

Launch Your FanBox

Once FanBox contents are set, Leave logistics to us! Product production, shipping, player autographs, logistics, etc. Launch your exclusive FanBox and ignite excitement among your fans for the season-long journey.
Stadium of fans from the point of view of the fans, looking down towards the field.

Elevate Your Fan Experience Today!

Are you ready to take your fan engagement to new heights? Join FanBox now and unlock the power of exclusive season-long loot boxes. Embrace the excitement, revenue potential, and community-building opportunities that come with partnering with FanBox.

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